Anzac Day Wreath

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

So showing our respect and gratitude to all those who served to keep us safe, will be a little different this year, with no dawn services or ANZAC parades. So I thought to go along with the idea of standing in your driveway early for a minutes silence we could also have a beautiful wreath adorned with poppies you could make to hang in commemoration.

You'll need to collect some foliage from the garden, it can be any plant, just ask first! Some cupcake cases, cardboard, string and scissors. I was lucky enough to find some red ones, left over from christmas but you could easily paint yours red if you have plain ones.

Start to make your wreath by tying it together with string

Easing into a circle shape

Then grab some cardboard, again I was lucky to find some that was already black, you could easily paint yours if you've got normal cardboard.

Cut circles for the middle of your poppies

Punch holes through the cardboard for your string, the cardboard will give the poppies some strength. Ps you might need an adult to help with this bit.

Thread through your string

Tie your poppies onto your wreath, you can make as many as you like.

There we go.... finished

Now find a spot to hang your wreath and share a memory of those who served.

I'd love to see and share a picture of your beautiful wreath. If you could email me a copy to I'd really appreciate it Cheers Ky


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