Eco weaving

Head out to the garden and find the perfect stick to make this nature inspired weaving.

Here's what you'll need. A Y shaped stick grom the garden, some wool and a skewer to make the weaving easier.

Tie your first piece of wool to the base of your Y

To make the loom start to wrap your wool around each stem from side to side.

Loop around the stick twice on each side to keep it in place.

Going all the way to the top. Then tie off.

Cut a piece of wool to weave with and sticky tape it to your skewer.

Tie off your weaving wool at the bottom of the Y

Start to thread over and under each line in your loom, when to get to the top, pull wool all the way through, then turn around at the top and thread your way back, going under over on the opposite thread. Don't pull it too tight as you go from top to bottom and keep it neat by using your fingers to push the lines together.

Keep weaving up and down, going in and out on opposite threads each line.

If you run out or would like to change colours just knot a new piece in

Keep going until you have filled your loom.

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