Embroidered Masterpieces

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

So firstly draw your special picture on some light weight cardboard, a cereal box is perfect. It can be anything, a self portrait, your dog, your favourite toy or a pretty flower. Get a grown up to pop in some holes around your lines with a skewer or knitting needle and then grab some wool and weave your magical colors. I cant wait to see your embroidered artworks, I'd love to see and share a picture of your creation. If you could email me a copy to I'd really appreciate it Cheers Ky

Cut your cardboard and draw a simple outline design

Get a grown up to create the holes with a skewer

Punch the front and repeat from the back so the holes are easy to thread

Get a toothpick as a needle and sticky tape a length wool to start embroidering

Start thread the needle through

Use different coloured wool for outlining

Colour in extra bits to finish off


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