Jolly jellyfish....

Make these little shimmery jelly fish, create them in any color or lots of colors. Rainbow jelly fish look really cool too. So here we go.

Here's what you'll need

Cut your paper plate in half

Hole punch holes along the straight edge

Cut your tentacles, you will need them 45cm long. Count up how many holes you have and cut twice as many wool strands. ie If you have 16 holes cut 32 lengths.

Paint your jelly fish bodies and let them dry completely. Then get 2 strands of wool and fold them in half

Put the looped end of both strands through one of the holes via the back.

Bring the strands through the loop you have created.

Pull to tighten. You have made your first tentacle, now finish the rest.

Add eyes to your jellyfish. If you have the googley, moving ones they look awesome. I didn't have any so I just drew some on.

Hang your jellyfish somewhere they can catch the breeze and let their tentacles flow like they're swimming.


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