Paper Plate Weaving

Make these super cute wall hangings. Use any shape to weave, a flower, a dinosaur, a car. I'd love to see and share your creations, so if you could email me a pic to I'd really appreciate it. Happy weaving. Love Ky x

Draw your design on a paper plate

Get an adult to help you punch through some holes with a skewer. Make sure they're a good size to get the wool and toothpick through. Also use less holes for younger creators.

Attach the wool to your toothpick with some stick tape.

Attach wool to the back of your plate with tape and start to weave from hole to hole.

It doesn't matter which way you go, just keep going until you have used up all your holes.

All done, you can also use different coloured wool, just change as you go.

You can add some extra color to you plate, even some glitter.


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