Woven Turtles

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

How cute are these little fellas!!. With just 3 icypole sticks, or three sticks from the garden, weave your turtles shell, they can be plain or as bright as a button, you choose. Then find them little homes around your house or garden. I'd love to see and share a picture of your new turtle friends on their adventures. If you could email me a copy to'd really appreciate it Cheers Ky

Wrap the wool around the sticks to hold them in place

To start the shell pattern wrap the wool behind one of the sticks

Then bring it over the front before wrapping around the back of the stick

Then around the back of the next one

and so on.....

To change colors just knot to existing wool

Keep going until one have just the head and feet left showing

Turn over to the back

Cut off your wool with enough left to knot final piece


Knot again and cut off extra

Draw on a cute face and some feet

Take your new little friends on adventures.........


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