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Kylie Biltris is Art Starts Here. From a kid that was neither sporty or musically inclined art was her saviour.  By the time she hit year 12 her folio had to be a mixed media piece because
“how could you possibly pick just one discipline”.   
That folio gained Kylie entrance to either follow the path of high school Art teacher at Vic College or Photography at RMIT, she chose the latter and had successful portrait studios for most of her working life.  But a yearning to share all the art forms she continued to play with has finally found its way with
Art Starts Here. 
It is a place to come and share a new experience and create something that is beautiful and completely uniquely yours.
. Kylie takes you step by step through all the tips and tricks she has learnt over many years, so you get a real kick start on your newfound journey. 
You don’t need any prior experience, or any artistic ability to come and play, just be ready for a fun a couple of hours with liked minded souls chatting and creating.