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Talgarno Primary School Sculpture Project 2023

So excited to return to Talgarno and take the children on another creative journey.

This time it's outdoor sculptures with the theme of magical mythical creatures.

First students imagined, then drew pictures of their magical beings. The ideas were fabulous with lots of mixed animal breeds like flying rabbits, kangaroo/sharks and snakes with fairy wings.

Students then took their drawings and sculpted them into miniature form.

All these amazing models were then taken to a vote to choose the three that would be built into our final outdoor sculptures.

The final three mystical, magical creatures to be turned into outdoor sculptures are

A Platypus cross with a Ecindna

A Rhino Turtle


A Koala with Wings

First up we began with the Platypus Echidna sculpture.

The base is made up of many, many, many balls of softly crushed foil, glued to our cardboard skeleton, then formed into shape.

Then comes the fun bit, kneading the clay mixture for 2 minutes and gently building up the layers.  Once fully covered it was time to individually roll every spine for his back. 

Lots of concentration and laughs as our new playground mate comes to life!!

Next was our Rhino Turtle

Again lots of rolling of foil balls in construction of our armatures as the skeletons of our sculptures

Lots of kneading to prepare the clay

Lots of smoothing and then creating wrinkles, turtle shell texture and life to our new playground friend.

Then our special Koala with wings

Names were choosen and voted on

"Debra" the Rhino Turtle

"Spiky" the Platypus Echidna


"Cocoa" the Winged Koala

The big reveal, with cupcakes and fanfare was a joyous day as our new friends found their forever home in the playground.


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